Enviro Tech International, Inc.
734 Greenview Drive • Grand Prairie, TX 75050
(972) 647-4700 or (800) 375-7246

Since 1953 RainSoft has had one business and one business only providing the best possible water treatment systems for home and business.
EnviroTech International is one of the 10 largest RainSoft dealers in the world.

Our customer service staff is directed by a management team with 85
years of combined experience on how to provide fresh, clean, healthy water and air purification for your home or business.

Every year thousands of North Texas families and companies call on us about problems with their water. With over 900 different products we can remove the chlorine you absorb by drinking and showering, remove the scale that causes bathtub rings and hard water scum on your shower walls and doors and we can even purify the water you drink and the air you breathe. Most of customers did not realize that we have whole house water filtration systems which feature a filter that never needs to be replaced.

It all starts by requesting a complimentary water analysis done at your home so that an environmental package that makes sense for your needs can be placed within your budget.

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